The Chinese hot pot memory

The hot pot ritual has been renewed for centuries, always retaining its identity but enriching itself at times of specific innovations that make the taste of that moment even more precious. This is how “dynasty”, the hot pot directly inspired by the Ding vessel of the Shang Dynasty, emphasises a tradition of contemporary luck. In fact, in history and Chinese culture, possession of an old Ding is considered a sign of power.

The cutting for the primary ingredients that will never take away your smile

In this third version of the cutting board, its design proposes a series of basins whereby you can soak the blade of the cutting utensil in order to chop the onions. In doing so, the tears caused by the onions ‘powers’ are cancelled out. Despite its simplicity, the cutting board’s design is optimistic as, metaphorically speaking; you are “stealing” its tears!

The cutting lines for gnocchi… From the peasant origin

A relieved texture refers to the system used of ploughing the fields; its allegorical design refers to a plot of land and its different processes in which values are added to form its function. The base of the board is in fact used to mould and creates the surface of the gnocchi and pasta, giving it a customizable appearance.

A cheese cutting board, climbing in the culinary world

An improvisation whereby the cheese knives are integrated and built in to the cheese board itself, generating an elevated sense of use. Each individual knife handle represents and simulates the high altitude glaciers; meanwhile the fragments of cheese located at the bottom of the mountain are the precious outcome from the products usage.

The pepper mill that you’ve been waiting for…

The Traditional pepper mill’s appearance is one that sometimes escapes the mind, but through Déjà-vu, its evocative image always leaves a trace and the conscious recognition of its shape reassures us of its being and function. The design of this peppermill is one that interacts with the contemporary world yet never loses the memory of its original form.

Cutters for biscuits that taste “monumental”

The cookies are cut to the shape of the most famous monuments in the European capitals of which become icons out of scale within a square container illustrated with the city plan. They are recognisable elements of a collective metal map that join orientation and identity.

A Bar set for a stop in Caffé “One which cannot be faulted”

An aeroplane carrying sachets of sugar, and a little bird holding napkins perched on the bar seem as if by chance they landed in the right spot, accompanied by a book with a capturing feature of a folded page, creating the reminder of the day to day menu’s offered in the Caffé. Origami was used as a kind of service, which bar tenders and baristi used to bring a smile to their customers face, enabling them to play with the memory of time.

A system designed for equally spaced aperitif and food

An assembly and organisation of plates that have diverse possibilities in the way in which they can be fixed and constructed in order to create the ‘layout’, much like they are presented “a la Carte”. As aperitifs’ are traditionally built up in layers, Chefs are constantly looking for diverse architectural formations to help enhance the presentation and appeal of the plates in which they cook.

Stuzzicadenti for Flirty Finger food

The traditional toothpick becomes something new and its innovative design offers a different approach to the way it is presented. It offers more with its aesthetical value and is visually pleasing for those who love trying new things along with those that love to combine their social side with food, fun and games. The ‘tree’ toothpick concept, emulates the idea of creating a new landscape and a passage of tastes, much like a pawn on a competitive and consumable chessboard.

“You are lazy!” told his wife by throwing behind the slippers, throwing him out from home after another afternoon spent softly on the couch.
Where could take refuge in the tumultuous metropolis such an exemplary man, now that is out of his peaceful home?
He was wandering between the sidewalks and squares of the city, trying to sit on the steps, to lie down on the benches, trying to find in every way a comfortable shelter.
He tried also in the playground at the park, but he could not find peace.
Then he stopped, full by the desire for comfort. He sat down.
And gently he felt his body and thoughts relaxed.
He sllipped forward and bowed his head.
He slightly bent his knees.
He was beginning to lull.
A smug smile spread across his face, attracting the attention of some curious passers.
He had found the rocking-bench.

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