SAE Institute Milano

The project for the new SAE campus in Milan works with the brand multiplication. The logo is translated into signage, furnishing and architecture, in order to communicate the company identity, mission and values to let more effectively experience those by students and people. SAE visual identity, constituted by horizontal lines, is broken down into its elements to turn into an architectural element, thus a more effective communication tool. The logo becomes the visual matrix of the facade, and wrap the building like a second skin, creating engaging graphic effects. The breakdown of those blue lines transfers an image or message and creates a double level of reading. The blue lines invade interior spaces as a pattern becoming a both a visual and structural element. They run through corridors as way-finding elements incorporating signage. It’s an imaginary pentagram that unfolds itself turning into a seat at the entrance of the school and a light pattern that shows the way to the reception and welcome students.


tipo: Incarico diretto
luogo: Milano
committente: SM Group
data: 2013


ghigos (Davide Crippa, Barbara Di Prete, Francesco Tosi, Lorenzo Loglio)

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