A European chef arrives in Pechino  to open a restaurant, the Riverclub, a place for meeting and exchange, comparison and storytelling between ancient thoughts and knowledgeable research.
The internal fit-out continues the exchange of ideas between the chef and the architects in the project to renovate the historic Piccolo Lago in Mergozzo and with the design of “il milione” (the million) dish.
For the Peking restaurant the core element of the design lies in the meeting between western and eastern civilisation, but it has been in developing the subsequent pairs of reference terms, in a complementary manner, that the dining room, kitchen and furnishings have been designed to be able to tell and be coherent parts of the atmosphere. Identity and recurrence, experience and exploration, tradition and innovation, classic and modern are the related differentiations of the themes tackled by the architecture and design to capture, maintain and suggest the signs of a possible way to connect the two worlds.


tipo: incarico diretto
luogo: Beijing
committente: F.lli Sacco
cronologia: 2010


progetto: ghigos (Davide Crippa, Barbara Di Prete, Francesco Tosi)
direzione lavori: ghigos (Francesco Marilli)
collaboratori: ghigos (Gabriella Calogero, Fabio Molinas, Silvia Vanelli)

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