Biblioteca a Monza

The architectural development of the library consists mostly on a restoration aimed at preserving and protecting the external structure and some existing interiors. The distribution of interiors is organized to better respond to all the needs and allow proper livability in all areas.
The dislocation of the rooms follows a logic linked to the theory of silence, so that to each space is guaranteed the correct relationship between the activity and necessary environmental conditions.
The essential concepts pursued are: the facilitation of the entry and the crossing interiors to allow freedom and spontaneity of use; the remodeling of the interior spaces working on new or existing architectural qualities; the identification of the rooms so that the building becomes a single neutral container whose interior spaces are highly qualified.
The library is a piece of furniture coming out of the Teca in the living room and invades the city hosting the events’ advertising and suggests, as a viral marketing, a spontaneous network of book crossing.
The projections on the building permit to intervene in a reversible way on the skin of theTeca, turning it into a medium itself, ready to amaze and inform.
The front of the building becomes a display for an informative and artistic use: ephemeral architecture but highly communicative.


tipo: concorso di idee
luogo: Monza
cronologia: 2011


progetto: ghigos – lgl

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