asSEDIAti chair

asSEDIAti, Freedom is a point of view


A chair, standing as a political and social statement, because design cannot stand back from raising the voice in times when we all feel “undersiege”……

Thus the chair turns into a symbol of daily life , literally “run over” by the world:

Here design is not only graphic but a real hole, a bullet-hole which is not mannerism but a wound, not the loss of material but loss of ethics..

And anyhow we draw outlines of the sea and skylines, because design is giving form to a hope:

We hope that OIL will just be the signature of an artist…

while freedom should be the word to always stand up for, never to sit down on…


tipo: incarico diretto
luogo: Triennale di Milano
committente: Design for Charity
cronologia: aprile 2011


progetto: ghigos (Davide Crippa e Barbara Di Prete, Francesco Tosi)
con Francesca Grassi

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