Whirlpool – Morfogenesi

The project “Morfogenesi” it’s the story of research developed by Whirpool.
An emotional space guests the products in commerce, sensitive and sustainable, intelligent prototypes of the next future, and the installation of the visionary project “Green Kitchen”, in which no energy is lost.
The product families are shown on fragmented isles that “sail” in the space.
It ‘s a field of objects in tension towards the next and most attractive technological development: the ergonomics of use is overshadowed to tell the design evolution.
The appliances emerge with strenght, framed and highlighter by light.
KitchenAid – Riflessioni Culinarie

In the pavillion of Whirlpool Europe, a wide area has been reserved for the brand KitchenAid .
It’s a pure and elegant space for the presentation of appliances characterized by professional features , built to meet all the needs of the user.
The arena of KitchenAid has been realized in an enclosed space between the images of real chefs.
There’s also a space for showcooking, where famous chefs showed all the potential of KitcheAid appliances to cook special recipes.


tipo: gara d’appalto
luogo:Milano, Fiera Rho-Pero, Salone del Mobile, FTK 2008
committente: Caleida
cliente: Whirlpool Europa
impresa esecutrice: Gruppo Bodino
cronologia: aprile 2008


progetto: ghigos (Davide Crippa, Barbara Di Prete, Francesco Tosi) con Francesca Diotti, Sara Magnone, Iole Paolantonio e Marco Villotti

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