Walking Design

April 9th 2014 | 4.00pm.  Start from Tiennale di Milano (viale Alemagna) and arrival in P.zza Cordusio

During the Design Week 2014 Lissone proposes a symbolic “design walk” through Milan, a collective event that will involve all the people of the design environment of Lissone (architects, designers, artisans, merchants and students connected to the system-design, but also ordinary citizens fans). The walkers will be recognizable by wearing the same “designer dress”, a dress conceived for this very project, that becomes the physical symbol of a mental approach to the life, an aesthetic performance of the extraordinary vocation for the know-how, typical of the Lissoneers. and will be a collective show. At the end of the march artisans and students will set-up a furniture system for the redevelopment of unused social housings known as “sub-threshold”. The system is flexible, reversible and cheap, but does not forget the needed quality of a living place.Walking Design is the prelude to a longer-range project, that will transform the city of Lissone in an open-air museum, a “museum of the immaterial” made of the dialogues between designers and manufacturers and of the stories that precede the realization of the objects, which constitute the more “intimate” history of Italian design.


tipo: Evento
luogo: Partenza Viale Alemagna - Arrivo Piazza Cordusio
committente: Comune di Lissone
data: 9 aprile 2014


Progetto: realizzato da Comune di Lissone - DUC Distretto Urbano del Commercio e curato da ghigos (Davide Crippa, Barbara Di Prete, Francesco Tosi, Lorenzo Loglio)

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