Housing estate in Goa

6000mq of nature and a villa to project. Based on these assumptions comes two proposals for a villa that integrates seamlessly with the surrounding space:


Nature inside the villa

The house arises from terraces shaped following the natural inclination of the hillside, and it is build around two private patios which let nature !ow inside in several ways. Precious plants grow in the private gardens, sunlight enters “ltered by transparent basins or draws floors and wall decoration passing through perforated sunscreens, windows frames garden and landscape views, meanwhile water flows through the building and all round the gardens by means of fountains and watergames. Even if the house is widely closed in itself it communicates to the outside its own identity through walls and window screens decorations depicting natural patterns chosen by landlords.

Villa inside the nature

The house is constitued by a group of detached room-volumes, connected by glass skinned corridors

and passages. The villa is therefore projected toward the surrounding garden, de”ning a more intimate open space in between its volumes. To rather emphasize this effect a shading surface wraps around the whole house as a light tent, partially covering and partially transparent to the view, not to interfere with the natural landscape.

The different volumes are covered with different materials: the nigh areas are decorated with a skin of perforated corten steel panels, the volume toward the lower part of the hillside is instead covered with a green wall to increase the mimetic effect of the house, lastly, the leisure volume is made of ground coloured concrete, all the corridor and passages are instead enclosed with glass sheets.

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