As long as there is FAITH

Edible wedding rings for short expired date marriages.
A wedding ring is composed of an incorruptible material, identical to itself in every part, and these should be the properties of the eternal and immutable nature that binds the couple..but nowadays life is very hard for these little symbols of immutability: marriages end with a frequency more and more similar to that of fresh food replaced at the supermarket …
And what remains of the precious golden circles? Sentenced to immortality, living with dust and pictures of lovers hidden in drawers, just under the lingerie! And she, left alone with a bitter taste.
“As long as there FAITH” are wedding rings made of biscuits – also with chocolate – for perishable weddings of all tastes.
And if in the end, taken by anxiety, lovers want to devour in one bite, they could always eat that tiny ring, finding in the last bite all the sweetness of the first kiss.


tipo:Concorso ad inviti “fooddesign 4”
committente: studio ghigos
cronologia: 2006

esposto alla mostra Serendipity presso lo spazio espositivo del Politecnico a Milano, dal 23 novembre al 4 dicembre.


progetto: ghigos (Davide Crippa, Barbara Di Prete, Francesco Tosi) con Gaia Brunello.

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