Favole al Telefono

“FAVOLE AL TELEFONO” presents a Gastronomic History of Italy told through some its historical brands, using an hybrid format that includes an interactive exhibition, an immersive exhibition and a widespread exhibition. The interactive exhibition at Design Hostel’s entrance consists in taking an old SIP telephone on the desk and dialling a number, associated with one of the brands. A voice answers the phone and begins to take us into a personal history, a research that shows the food Made in Italy. At the same time the space comes alive: all the projections, inside Design Hostel’s rooms, shepherd the “tales” told on the phone. There are historical documents, landscapes of distant regions, stories of products, about tenacity, courage and intelligence, which are mixed in the space of the Makerspace. Walking in the different thematic rooms, the visitor can completely immerse himself in the world of each brand; through photos, objects and projections each company history is presented, giving voice to its protagonists. Nevertheless, this is a field that can be fully known only by tasting it. This is why the narration is not limited to the exhibition, but it can be tasted at the “tasting points” scattered around the city,that compose an inviting widespread museum.


where: Ideas Bit Factory
client: Ideas
sponsors: Acquerello, Callipo, Leone, Levoni, Rossana, Orco
when: April 2018


Davide Crippa
general coordination
Davide Crippa e Shabala de Silva
installation design
Ghigos (Davide Crippa e Barbara Prete) con Caterina Betti, Shabala de Silva, Linda Giusti e Eleonora Teruzzi.
installation production
Ideas Bit Factory (Davide Crippa e Barbara Prete) con Caterina Betti, Linda Giusti, Eleonora Teruzzi  e Carlos Jose Marques Damasio.
video design and production
Ideas Bit Factory (Davide Crippa e Barbara Prete) con Marta Albertazzi, Caterina Betti, Shabala de Silva, Linda Giusti, Paula Marchi de Medeiros, Giulia Pecoraro, Eleonora Teruzzi  e Cecilia Valsecchi.

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