Dacci un occhio

” The first thing to understand is that the public peace — the sidewalk and street peace — of cities is not kept primarily by the police, necessary as police are. It is kept primarily by an intricate, almost unconscious, network of voluntary controls and standards among the people themselves, and enforced by the people themselves.”
(Jane Jacobs, Life and death of the great cities)

“The eye on the road” assumes a precious value of control and prevention for all the citizens: whether to denigrate it and to oppose it? Because to discourage this behaviour making to be ashamed who gladly this is assumed “ungrateful” performs, every day, also setting himself/herself/itself to shield of our defense?
The elderly ones, for leisure time and impossibilities to stir, love often to beware the world of their windows, often living “through” the others. That that is born after all as one them innocent mania could develop therefore an important social function, if only it was favored her/it instead of discouraging her/it.
… if there were only curtains to test of external looks that, “indiscreet”, they turn him I pour the house and they unmask the surprises “gentleman Fletcher”: curtains that allow to see without being seen, for “to discover” without being open.
An accessory for “spies” professionals, thought for the inhabitants of the house that also without owing to open her and without fearing for traitorous transparencies you/they can enjoy him/it “show” to them reserved.
To the traditional function of the curtains it adds therefore a new, that can cleverly be integrated in an aesthetical accattivante or traditional, hidden inside the plot of the fabric as in the texture of the sketch.

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