Carta da paratris

A wall paper that interacts with us and reconfigure each new passage.
A tennis court at our disposal to accommodate new challenges.
A wall that accomodates changing signs, geometries, colors … preserving between his plots strategies and ruses, disappointments and satisfactions of the past days.
A page of diary in giant scale, for experiences more and more stratified.
A map that tells great successes and little defeats.
Tracks that speak of us, and of a boring afternoon turned exciting.
A wall paper to find new friends, “killing” the time in the waiting room.
And when the background is brought to the foreground, the terms are reversed, the paradox takes shape, the real actors come on stage: the game becomes texture.
Illecit becomes aesthetics.


tipo: incarico diretto
committente: Jannelli&Volpi
cronologia: 2007

Esposto al Fuori Salone del Mobile presso lo showroom Jannelli&Volpi, la Triennale di Milano e la Design Library a Milano, dal 18 al 23 aprile.


progetto: ghigos (Davide Crippa, Barbara Di Prete, Francesco Tosi), con Francesca Diotti e Silvia Vismara.

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