Apparecchiare la città@Frankfurt

From the experiment of “Apparecchiare la città” presented at Salone del Mobile of Milan was born the first collection for“Lago Maggiore Casalinghi” brand.The collection is not realized by a unique company, but by a wide network of production firms that represent one of the most historical italian district production lines. The collection was designed by Ghigos Ideas for household product companies that, for the first time, joined forces to cooperate on a uniform project to diffuse and promote the district production across the international market. Lago Maggiore Casalinghi and Ghigos Ideas officially present the new collection “Apparecchiare la città” during Ambiente2013 in Frankfurt, to keep on the diffusion process for this original initiative. The exhibition will show to the visitor a strange city of objects, a landscape “at hand”, tables as inhabited islands, thatwelcomes elevations with some iconic monument-objects (or are they miniature buildings?) in a continuous interplaybetween different scales and cross-references between architecture and design, between urban and domestic, expositiveand culinary aspects.Into the sky-line of “urbanized” tables you can see plates as houses, pots as squares or pepper mill that seem likecontemporary skyscrapers with multifaceted facades. Looking at a salt shaker to find it “urbanized”.The point of view is what changes reality and makes us experience a surreal walk through objects, which lose their purelyfunctional value and discover themselves as “something else”: they are parts of an apparently paradoxical world, andbecome casket of our emotions.Not yet consumers, not just owners, we find ourselves custodians of simulacra that define a new urban skyline.

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