The project deals with the concept of “anachronistic permanence”: we manifest the themes of memory, remembrance and (cultural, conceptual, physical) legacy in objects with an ancient taste but a contemporary look. We work on consolidated rites that are obviously obsolete and now (at least apparently)unnecessary.The “grandma’s tea set” that we don’t use, don’t trash but rather keep storing in the attic, becomes anopportunity for creating new objects. The former moulds the latter: our memories traces get to be unexploreddesign possibilities. Memory here turns into a“mistakes generator”, absence into a function, and thus asettled emptiness into a shaping matrix.


tipo: Incarico diretto
luogo: PadiglioneItalia "Disfunzioni Mediterranee" | Milano via Oslavia 3
committente: Ghigos ideas
data: 7-13 aprile 2014


ghigos (Davide Crippa, Barbara Di Prete, Francesco Tosi, Lorenzo Loglio)
con: Laura Pantaleone

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